Colleen Rutledge

3-Day Eventing

Frederick, MD


To produce a strong string of horses and students, helping the United States win on the international stage for years to come.

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About Colleen

When Colleen was about two years old, her parents “plunked her on a pony.” She has been in the saddle since.

A mom of three children, Colleen has been involved with equestrian sports for most of her life. When she isn’t competing in eventing, she teaches horsemanship to 15 to 20 students at her parents’ Turnabout Farm in Howard County. Her students are involved in everything from eventing to fox hunting.

Colleen first got started in eventing while riding in pony clubs. She was about 8 or 9 when she entered her first eventing competition. She has moved around the area, but has lived in Frederick since 1999. “Originally I did some dressage and jumping, but it all came back to eventing,” she said. “In eventing, you do everything. It’s the best of both worlds.” 

With my partner-in-crime, Shiraz, we are currently the only horse/rider combination EVER to complete the five northern hemisphere four-star three-day events-  all five completed with no XC penalties! Now I’m looking forward to a bright future with Covert Rights, and with my new partner, Escot 6.

"It's comfort which is great for me because i wear helmets all day"

Questions & Answers

My "can't live without" Romfh product

Love the pants- especially the Champion style. They are not only incredibly flattering, but they feel fantastic!

Memorable sporting achievement

Rolex 2011

Non-Equestrian Accomplishments

I’m a proud mother of three awesome kids: Cassie 10, D2 in pony club; Connor 7, who doesn’t compete; Ciana 4, will join pony club next year, but has been riding forever.

Something you might not know about me

I’m an ADDICTED book reader, especially trash novels. I’m re-reading about 3 Nora Roberts books (I have pretty much every one of her books)! I read about a book a day if I’m allowed…more if nothing stops me!

Whacky superstitions or traditions

I never use a new piece of equipment without introducing it to the ground first, lest it make me fall off! Just a simple step on the ground will work.

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